Do you ever feel like you're performing below your potential?

In your heart do you know you could BE more, HAVE more, ENJOY more?

You're only one simple step away from transforming you're life.

HERE'S How...

The LEARNABLE Superpower

With CONSISTENCY, anything is possible. Without it, nothing changes. 

Are you...

The Challenged INDIVIDUAL

You are brimming with intelligence and talent. You just need to develop one essential skill.

With this program you will reach a level of consistency that you never dreamed was possible



Life Mastery


Mis-wired brain

The Driven


Have you wondered why people can't do what you've done?

With this program you will understand & empower your team members who are performing below their potential.



High Team Performance


Mis-matched Leadership Approach

Who is this for?

This incredibly powerful program is for all the people who are searching, striving, and falling short.

And for all the people who are trying to help them.

Do you ever feel like you’re performing below your potential? 

We fix that.

How is it that smart, capable people can be fully aware of a few simple things, that done consistently, would have a tremendous positive impact on their lives and yet, for some reason, they won’t take those actions consistently?

The short answer to that mystery is that 80% of us are literally wired for inconsistency. This is the reason why the other “productivity” and “time-management” programs didn’t work for you.

The good news is that there is a way for inherently inconsistent people to change. You just need a plan that is specifically designed for you. That plan is the Consistency Chain.

How great would it feel to make promises to yourself - AND KEEP THEM.

What People Are Saying

Christine Bava

"I was plagued by inconsistency in virtually every area of my life. Then I was introduced to the Consistency Chain Program.

I launched my first chain, and the results have been nothing short of FANTASTIC.

I'm seeing results and feeling super confident.

Loving this!”

Mary Houston

I've worked the corporate world for 38 years. Just like many, I let the stress of the job take over. I ate too much. I drank too much on the weekends. And I didn’t exercise. This resulted in some health issues.

What is wrong with me? AND I know better because I have a career in health!

I can honestly say, ALL of that is changing with what I'm doing with the Consistency Chain Coaching Program. It's a life saver!"

Today The All NEW Consistency Chain Program has ARRIVED.

Dear Friend,

Maybe you've gotten off to a slow start in your business, and you've struggled to get the traction you thought would come easily and quickly.

You've tried lots of different tactics and strategies, with little or no traction.

Still not a whole heck of a lot of regular customers and sales...

And maybe only a handful of team members that are barely doing a thing, if any at all.

On top of that, you're downright worn out by all of the effort you've put in with no results.

And none of this changes the fact that you need to start getting clients, recruiting team members, and making money NOW!

I'm Gloria MacDonald, and you're not alone. I know how you feel.

And I'm THRILLED to bring you the Consistency Chain Program!

This is a breakthrough in Personal Development and Human Potential...

YOUR potential.

It's based on advances in technology, neuroscience, and neuroplasticity.

Imagine Finally Being Able To Tap Into Your Full Potential Every Single Day.

If you’ve had a life-long challenge with consistency, you’re finally going to understand why. 

More importantly, you’re going to begin to change. 

If you’re a leader, you’re going to understand how to support that change in your team.


Praise for The Consistency Chain

"The Unfair Advantage "

If you were to [take] just one [program] to give you that 'unfair advantage' for guaranteed success in your business it would have to be The Consistency Chain...

If you are new in your business or if you have been struggling for years, this will get you to a success level that you could never imagine. That is if you...put in consistent action!"

George Madiou,

Publisher and Founder of

"Great Job! Very Important Contribution"

“For me, the key insights of the [program] are:

  1. Just because you are a 20%-er for one area of your life does not mean that you are a 20%-er for every part of your life;
  2. The combination of "ER" Directional Goals and just concentrating on adding one link per day to your 'Consistency Chain' is ridiculously simple, profound and powerful.

Truth be told, #2 is the only way that I have ever actually achieved anything significant."

Richard Adubato

Chairman, Princess House, Inc.

"More Creativity & More Time & More Ideas"

“Many areas of my life were affected by lack of consistency. It always seemed I would start a to-do list at the beginning of each week and instead of crossing things off, more projects were added. Nothing would get accomplished because I would get overwhelmed.

I had all these great ideas, but I could never start, because I felt like I had to do it all at once. That sense of frustration blocked my inspiration and creativity.

[The Consistency Chain] took all that pressure off me. I thought I needed hours of time, but really all I needed was to accomplish a little each day. Now that I have done that, I have written chapters and chapters. I find more creativity and more time and more ideas. I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment each day that I have made a commitment and followed through. I go to sleep each night proud of myself and excited for the new ideas and projects I will continue to accomplish because all I have to do is a little each day, but a little adds up to a lot. It's the small steps taken each day that create success. I knew this before, but [The Consistency Chain] taught me how to really take those small steps.

Sara Packard, Author

"A Game Changer"

"In direct marketing, consistency is the base skill required for success. All the other training and information assumes people are going to actually use it. And the reality is, that isn't the case. What George and Jim helped us to understand is that the majority of people are literally 'wired' for inconsistency. And that's why they struggle and eventually leave.

That's what makes this program a game changer. They approach this problem from a fresh perspective. George and Jim provide a breaththrough strategy to acquire consistency. Best of all, it is designed for the very people that need it the most.

...we would love to have [this] in the hands of every distributor in our company.

Kevin Marino,

Co-Founder, Asirvia

I’m inviting YOU to be among the first people to get the 

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You Also Get These Valuable Tools & BONUSES!

Kick Start BONUS #1


During Your FREE Consultation Call...

My coach will dig deep with you to help you get crystal clear on your goals and dreams, and provide you with a strategy and a road map to get you from where you are, over the gap, to where you long to be.

Kick Start BONUS #2


You’ll get THE CHAIN DEFINED Guide with 12 simple steps to get you going quickly and make the chain work for you.

This is guide takes the guess work out of re-wiring your brain and moving from Inconsistent to Consistent to CONSTANT!

Kick Start BONUS #3

Lifetime Access To A Private "Chain Gang" Member-Only Community

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You’ll get full around the clock access to our private member-only community. 

A place for our members to connect, inspire and support each other. We've found that accountability and a daily check-in is critical to your success. That's why we created the "Chain Gang" Group.

We want to make sure you’ll never feel alone, and can always get the support you need so that you..."Don't Break The Chain".

Kick Start BONUS #4

The Consistency Chain App

The Consistency Chain App does two things:

First, it gets you started NOW! Its unique count down feature impels you to action TODAY.

Secondly, it keeps you going. Each day you see your chain of action becoming longer, stronger and finally unbreakable.

100% No Questions Asked Guarantee


After you watch the training, and for the next 30 days after… if you don’t think this program will help you move from Inconsistent to Consistent to Constant… I demand you get a refund.

Simply shoot my support desk an email and we’ll promptly and cheerfully refund your payment.

No questions asked.

So, as you can see, there’s absolutely nothing to lose.

Here's Exactly What You Get...

The Complete Program of

The Consistency Chain





Module #1 - Vifredo Pareto & The Challenge of the Century


Module #2 - The Marshmallow Test


Module #3 - The "ER"


Module #4 - Gimme 3 Days


Module # 5 - Jerry Seinfeld & The $800 Million Idea


BONUS Module - Soar To Rapport


These value-packed BONUSES to help you get started and keep you going

So you can move from...

==> Inconsistent to

==> Consistent to


And start changing the results in your business and your life!

Your FREE Consultation Call

THE CHAIN DEFINED Guide with 12 simple steps to get you going quickly and make the chain work for you.

Lifetime Access To A Private Member-Only Community

The Consistency Chain App

I look forward to seeing you in The Consistency Chain Program.

And remember...

"With consistency anything is possible. Without it, nothing changes."

Celebrating Your Consistency & Your Success!

Gloria MacDonald

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